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NZ Gynaecological Cancer Foundation

The NZ Gynaecological Cancer Foundation is for all New Zealanders affected by Gynaecological Cancers (including cervical, uterine, ovarian and vulval/vaginal cancers). The Foundation is a vital source of information and support and aims to raise awareness of gynaecological cancer in New Zealand.

In learning about the statistics of women in NZ dying every day of a Gynaecological Cancer, it was the right charity to support.

  • Ovarian cancer is the 4th biggest killer of New Zealand women – with one woman dying every 48 hours from ovarian cancer
  • Approximately one woman dies per day of gynaecological cancer in NZ
  • Gynaecological Cancers make up 10% of all cancer cases, and 10% of all cancer deaths in New Zealand

We are committed to our mission and raising as much awareness and money for the foundation as possible. The money raised from Team Teal competing in the Auckland Marathon will be invested into their National Education programme – the first of its kind in NZ and a major step towards reducing the number of New Zealand women affected by gynaecological cancer. or

who is sister act?

Lisa and Erica

We are two sisters who want to raise funds and awareness for causes close to our hearts with our main focus being women's health and awareness. It started in 2014 with a big but simple goal of competing in the Auckland Half Marathon as part of Team Teal for the NZ Gynaecological Cancer Foundation and has gone from there!

Receiving life changing health news in 2013 was the start of a major wakeup call that made Lisa decide that she needed to set some goals for herself to strive towards and help her keep focused on being healthy and fit. One who doesn’t do things in halves, Lisa signed up to do the Auckland Half Marathon but hadn't made any commitment to solidly do it, so needed a push. When she saw that the NZ Gynaecological Cancer Foundation were looking for people to support them and be one of their charity runners, it was meant to be.

Erica was in her 3rd Year Nursing student at Otago, had worked in oncology and witnessed how devastating the effects of these illnesses can be on patients and families. She wanted to support her sister and encourage people to realise the importance of health so was a no brainer to join Lisa in her goal and so Sister Act was born.

We have now created this website as we want to contribute to our communities and organisations that we are passionate about. We are both huge advocates of NZ charities and the work they do and believe in doing our bit to help, not just here in little NZ but global.

Thanks for your support.

past challenges

Training and CROSSING the finishing line of our FIRST EVER HALF MARATHON was hard work, the training intense, and at times it felt like we were torturing ourselves. BUT it is nothing compared to what some women are going through every day fighting for their lives after being diagnosed with a form of Gynaecological Cancer.

And all worth it, because we were part of Team Teal, with a mission to raise awareness and money for the NZ Gynaecological Cancer foundation.

If you want to see what we got up to in 2014, check out our first Facebook page or fundraising page - and

Erica & Lisa after the 2014 Auckland Marathon


Well done Lisa and Erica for participating in this worthy cause, and all the best for your run!!!


Just doing my small bit to help. You can thank the ice challenge for encouraging me. Good luck for the marathon!!!


All the very best xox


Good luck for the High Teal Fundraiser.